Identifying objects in photos to identifying persons/ vehicles/ trees/ other objects in real time in self-driving cars, Computer Vision has come a long way.

We are building state-of-the-art Computer Vision models based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to identify defects/ anomalies in images taken by drones. The images are processed hundreds of times faster than manual inspection of the images and with an accuracy level which surpasses human accuracy.

Wind Turbine drone images are fast becoming mainstay of Wind Turbine inspections as they are cost effective, quick, safe, and accurate. Our AI/ ML solutions add another layer of speed and accuracy on top. Our models are able to process the images to identify defects in Wind Turbines quickly and reliably without human intervention.

Another asset class we are developing solutions for is buildings. Unlike Wind Turbines, building images are much varied, given two buildings are rarely the same. This asset class therefore presents a different set of challenges which we are tackling head on.

Coming on the heels of above will be a full suite of AI/ ML solutions for a variety of other asset verticals such as Power lines, Railroads, Bridges, Plants, Farms, Pipelines, Solar panels.

Underlying each of our AI/ ML solutions is our proprietary artificial neural network based deep learning models developed over several years since mid-1990s.